Urgent Need at Sikkanampatti

January 30, 2015 hhardy

The current political climate in India is making it increasingly difficult for Good Samaritan to operate orphanages. The ruling Indian political party believes in radical Hinduism and has decreed that biblical values, scripture cannot be taught in the orphanages. This political party has also placed a number of burdensome regulations on orphanages making it increasingly difficult to operate. In fact, the Shady Grove Orphanage is currently not in compliance with some of these regulations. For these reasons, Good Samaritan is placing some children in child care centers.

A child care center is a simple building that costs about $5,000 to build, has an open area, a small kitchen, and a storage closet. In these centers, children are provided two meals – one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. In the evening they are tutored on their school assignments and are taught Scripture. They return home to be with their parents for the night.

One of the great advantages of the child care center is that the political agenda and regulations that limit the orphanages don’t apply. Another of the great benefits of the child care center is that many more children are able to be assisted at a much lower cost than a full-time orphanage. This pure hearted ministry has not only blessed many needy children, but has also had a lasting spiritual impact on many of the parents of these children as they attend worship services at the center on Sunday evenings.

At the present time there are child care centers operating in Sikkanampatti and Pottiapuram. The center at Sikkanampatti particularly needs our prayers and consideration. Most of the financial support for this childcare center has come from a single US church. Unfortunately that church is preparing to disband which will create a large deficit in Sikkanampatti’s support. If you feel led to help with the Sikkanampatti center, please e-mail us at GSFund.India@gmail.com and let us know how you can help.

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