A Church in Tamil Nadu

A church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the dwelling place of God on earth. By the grace of God and for the glory of God there are churches in India! They are made up of sinners who have been brought to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. To be baptized in India is a big step as it should be. However, in India where most people are Hindu, family and social pressures, often make it a more costly act of discipleship than what believers in places like the United States are accustomed. The churches are built upon the truth of Jesus Christ, embracing joyfully the doctrines of sovereign grace.


A Church in Andhra Pradesh

God has blessed Primitive Baptist Churches to be established in the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, with an outreach in Karnataka. The churches in India are typically made up of poor people. Nevertheless, it is a joy to see their generosity one to another. There have been several occasions when churches in Tamil Nadu have taken up funds to send to churches in Andhra Pradesh to help meet the cost of constructing church buildings or other needs.

A strength of the ministry in India is their diligence in spreading the gospel. Outreach efforts to their own communities and others are consistently being performed.

One way of edifying the pastors, churches and others, is the work of translation. Numerous books and pamphlets have been translated into the Tamil language. A translation of the monthly Baptist Bible Hour’s The Baptist Witness publication is produced as The Tamil Baptist Witness. Some, but fewer, translation projects have been accomplished in the Telugu language of Andhra Pradesh. This work is obviously costly in finances and labor, but is a great blessing.

As with any church, there are always needs, spiritual and otherwise. Pray for the churches’ spiritual growth, outreach and faithfulness in life and doctrine. Pray for their pastors and for a continual spirit of unity. Pray that God will supply the physical and material needs according to His will.

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