Tutorial Centers

“Only they would that we should remember the poor; the same which I also was forward to do.” Galatians 2:10

The ministry of Jesus was a ministry of compassion. When He saw the scattered multitudes, as sheep without a shepherd, He was moved with compassion to send forth laborers. In the pattern of Christ, the saints in India labor fervently to minister both materially and spiritually to the needy in their communities. One of the works of compassion is what is called a Tutorial Center.

Veppamarathur Tutorial

Veppamarathur Tutorial Center

A Tutorial Center is open in the evenings and like a Community Child Care Center provides help with school assignments and teaches Scripture but no meals are served. Ministers from the local churches oversee these Tutorial Centers and help regularly by teaching biblical principles and values. No Sunday worship services are conducted at the centers but many of the children and their parents attend the regular worship services at the local Primitive Baptist churches.

In addition to the educational and spiritual help given to children at these centers, their parents received general health education. This health education is primarily information about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of the diseases common in the region.

Currently there are ten Tutorial centers in Tamil Nadu:

Thinapatti, serving 44 children
Veerianthanda, serving 32 children
Ramadoss, serving 32 children
Regadahalli, serving 30 children

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