Needing a Sponsor

Shady Grove Orphanage

These are the children currently needing a sponsor.


To sponsor Samuel, click here.

Samuel’s father has a job but it is low paying and his work isn’t consistent.
He has trouble feeding his family. Samuel is in the 3rd grade. To sponsor
Samuel, click here.



To sponsor Yamuna, click here.

Yamuna is in the 5th grade. Her father died when she was a baby. Like
Samuel, her father’s work isn’t steady enough to provide for the family
so Guna accepted her into the orphanage.




To sponsor Vignesh, click here.

Vignesh is in the 8th grade and has one brother. His mother has heart
problems and his father doesn’t make enough to support his family so
he requested  that Guna take Vignesh into the orphanage.