1. What is involved with sponsoring a child? Sponsoring a child can be done in one of two ways. You can sponsor a child in one of the orphanages for $50.00 per month. Or, you can join with another person with your contributions together totaling $50.00 per month for a partnered sponsorship.

2. Is the $50 per month the total cost of sponsorship? The donors who give $50.00 per month to sponsor a child cover the expenses directly related to that child such as food and clothing. However, there are additional expenses including utilities, and facility repairs and improvements that aren’t covered. Donors other than the child sponsors give monthly to the general fund to cover these costs. If you would like to donate to the general fund, please click here.

3. What is the cost of sponsoring a Child Care? The cost of sponsoring one of these centers varies from year to year depending on the number of children attending. Sponsorship of a Child Care Center is usually around $650 per month and a Tutorial Center around $200 per month. Of course any amount regularly donated can be given for a partial sponsorship.

4. Who is responsible for the support of this work from the United States? Ripley Primitive Baptist Church in Ripley, Mississippi, maintains the bank account and monthly financial support sent from the United States. Each month, contributions are wired directly to Good Samaritan Fund in India.

5. How much of my contribution will be used for administrative costs? None. Every dollar received is sent directly to India.

6. How do I sign up to become a sponsor? Fill out the sponsorship form on the “Become a Donor” page on this site and we will be contacted you.

7. What kind of communication can I expect to receive after I submit the sponsorship form? If you are sponsoring a child you can expect to receive some basic information about that child. All donors will receive periodic newsletters and email updates, and a year-end annual statement of your contributions.

8. What additional communication can I expect to receive? There will be an update sent to you regarding your child on an annual basis. We will also be updating this site regularly so check back here often. You can also join our Facebook group “Good Samaritan Fund” to receive updates.

9. Can I communicate with the child I am sponsoring? Yes! You can send cards, letters, and pictures directly to India. The potal address in India is:

GST P.Box 6
Omalur-636 455
Salem Dt.
T.N. S. India

10. What are some things I can send my child? Photos of you and your family or postcards. The children greatly enjoy postcards of American life, animals, etc. Our recommendation is that anything you send be limited to what will fit in a flat mailer.

11. Am I sponsoring a child for as long as they are in the orphanage or for one year? This is your choice as the Lord leads. We prefer to join a sponsor to a child for the duration of their stay in the Good Samaritan program but of course, this is not obligatory. We just ask that you communicate with us to give us ample notice before you discontinue your sponsorship.

12. Is there a need to help my child after graduation? Yes. When the child graduates and leaves the orphanage, they either pursue immediate employment or they pursue further education. Our advice is to communicate to us if you have an interest in staying in touch and helping your child after they leave the Good Samaritan program.

13. How can I get in contact with the administrative support in the States with complaints, concerns, or questions? Fill out the contact form on the “contact us” page.

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