Who We Are

The Good Samaritan Trust is an organization that labors tirelessly get the gospel of Christ to every place possible in southern India and to serve the poor and fatherless in a land oppressed by idolatry. The effort began in 1998 when Brother A. Gunasekaran or Brother Guna as he is known, who was housing 10 orphan boys along with his wife and two children in his 500 square foot home, shared his vision with the church leaders at Ripley Primitive Baptist Church. Over the next months and years Brother Guna came to understand and believe the doctrines of salvation by God’s sovereign grace, join with the Primitive Baptists, and expand this children’s ministry into three Orphanages. Along the way other programs were added including Child Care Centers, Tutorial Centers, and Health Care programs.

Ripley Primitive Baptist Church along with other Primitive Baptist churches, church members, ministers, and others who felt God calling them to help, came together to support this pure-hearted ministry. This support continues today as a number of ministers and others continue to make periodic trips to India to teach and build up the fledgling churches and our Indian brethren. Financial support for these ministries continues as well and is handled by Ripley Primitive Baptist Church who collects all donations and wires the collected funds to India each month.

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